Khan already stood out among his peers.

He had just become the first non-white owner in NFL history. He was a Muslim who was born in Pakistan and immigrated to the United States as a teenager to study engineering at the University of Illinois. One of his first jobs in the States was as a dishwasher. He had quite the backstory. The hair only made him stand out more.

These guys are involved in a business where they make millions of dollars, and Trump just baited them into being adversarial with their customer base.”

Known in wrestling circles as the “Bad Boy”, Joey Janela has continued to turn doubters into believers during the course of his 11-year career.

“I snuck my way through the back door of the wrestling business,” said the 28-year-old Janela. “I set up a few rings and sold tickets for a promoter. That’s how I got into in the business in 2006. I basically started untrained; I knew how to lock up, bump, and hit the ropes. I winged the rest.”

I think the Raiders, a bit, were victims of their off-season excitement and early success. I still remember Jack Del Rio pumping the brakes with me at training camp on the Super Bowl express, pointing out the Chiefs had won 11 in a row in the division while the Raiders were 3-3 in AFC West games last year. Now, the Chiefs are on a 12-game AFC West winning streak, and the Raiders are 3-4 in their last seven games in the division. Now that Derek Carr has a back issue, it’s a legit question whether Oakland will even make it to January, especially with rising teams like Buffalo coming out of nowhere. We’ll see.

On the NFLPA side, it simply said the league was lying and it never leaked derogatory information about Elliott’s accuser to the media. This contentious back-and-forth has continued throughout the court process.

They knew the challenge they were facing.

Correct me if I’m wrong (seriously, I’ve looked and haven’t found this but maybe I just missed it), but it seems pretty telling that not one Houston Texans player has said anything in defense of Bob McNair.

The winner is still in the CFP hunt, the loser is not. Should Oklahoma win and TCU win at home vs. Texas, then the Frogs’ visit to Norman on Nov. 11 should be on this list, too.

Several teams have already ducked under picks and handoffs against every Clipper guard, forming a shell, betting LA won’t pull the trigger if the defense recovers quickly.

Thanks to a major westward movement of talent, the first-time All-Star and snub conversations are both extra spicy this year. In the East, Joel Embiid, Kristaps Porzingis, Bradley Beal and Goran Dragic could all make their first appearances.

Ortiz’s longtime manager, Alex Radetsky, lists his client’s activities during the past year: “Endorsement deals. Production days. Appearances. One-off events. Business initiatives. Production companies. Wine line.”

Heading into the weekend, the replacement players were told that this would be their final game; they understood there would be no tomorrow. So Taylor says he didn’t waste much time getting to know his teammates during the half-week that they practiced together.

As a result, the Chargers game was moved to the KPOC, the former UPN affiliate known as My13. A week later, a similar problem arose with CBS having the rights to both Rams/Seahawks (an NFC game cross-flexed to ensure that Packers/Cowboys would air in L.A.) and Chargers/Giants on a Fox doubleheader weekend. CBS chose to put the former on its affiliate, Ch. 2, and pushed the Chargers over to KCAL9.

I’m just wondering why making L.A. work for them hasn’t been a higher priority for the league and the networks in this particular case.

This is the hoopla Kopet was talking about.

Could Danica move to Roush-Fenway? One of the most talked about vacancies in the NASCAR garage is the one that will be occur at the end of the season when Danica Patrick steps away from Stewart-Haas Racing and the #10 car but at no point in the process has she said he is done with racing. Now, there is talk she could end up at Roush Fenway Racing with boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and she would neither confirm nor deny when asked this past week at Martinsville Speedway.[

Gordon crossed the 100-yard barrier less than 16 minutes into the game and finished with 132 yards on a day that saw Los Angeles test the Patriots with a smattering of Wildcat snaps.

Minnesota Gophers football under wunderkind first-year coach P.J. Fleck is experiencing a marketing revival and an identity makeover.

“We cannot forget the fact that sports as a whole brings people together. For the two hours, three hours, whenever a time that a sporting event is on or your team is playing, we know that a lot of people from different shapes, colors, creeds, ethnicities and cultures come together. At that moment, they’re rooting for the same thing … A lot of situations that are going on right now in our country are trying to cause division. We get nowhere divided. I stand for the national anthem, and I don’t look down upon a person who doesn’t feel that they want to.

“Did you lose a bet or something?” Bisciotti asks, grabbing the back of Khan’s head.

They chat for about five minutes, Bisciotti mostly quizzing Khan about the Jags’ experience in London. This is the Ravens’ first game here, and he’s curious. This sort of thing happens all the time. Among the other owners, Khan is the London expert. “A lot of the owners thought we were crazy [when we volunteered to play in London], but now this is something very popular,” Khan says in a radio interview with talkSPORT, the local radio station that broadcasts the Jaguars’ games.

A panel of independent advisors interviewed Elliott and evaluated the findings of the investigation.

The actual investigation was undertaken by several people. The league had multiple investigators talk to witnesses and work through the evidence.

Those four people were Harvey, former player and Hall of Famer Kenneth Houston, Women of Color Network CEO Tonya Lovelace, and former United States Attorney and Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White. White was also instrumental in the Saints’ Bountygate investigation.

“This team has had three head coaches in three years, so there’s been a lot of change, and I’ve come in here with Row The Boat, which is a big idea, a big culture shift,” Fleck told us. “The fans have been great in embracing it, and we’re going to keep our oar in the water and keep working to win.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster is a joy. Rumored to be pushing Martavis Bryant out of town, the Steelers rookie continued his excellent run of play with a breakout game (7 rec, 193 yards, TD) on national television.

The trade also implies that the 49ers believe Garoppolo was probably their best option. It likely insinuates that their chances of coming away with Cousins may not have been great all along. If the Niners felt confident they would be in line to sign Cousins in March, even given the scenario I mentioned earlier, they probably wouldn’t have bothered to make this trade. Garoppolo serves no purpose as a short-term rental.

It looked as if Penn State was on its way to solidifying its place in the playoff race. Then J.T. Barrett led a furious rally that left him and throngs of Buckeyes fans reveling in another wondrous performance.

After the Garoppolo trade, Cousins’ path out of Washington isn’t anywhere near as clear.

If both Los Angeles and San Francisco are blocked, Cousins will be down to a few options. The Giants and Steelers could presumably be in the market for a quarterback if Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger retire.

The NFL also reviewed forensic photographic evidence and consulted with two medical experts to determine the timeframe in which Elliott’s accuser’s injuries were likely to have occurred. The NFL said in its letter to Elliott that on three occasions the medical experts agreed photographs of the woman’s injuries looked “recent and consistent” with her version of what happened.

Anyone who tells you that Garoppolo will be a great fit for Shanahan’s scheme is guessing. Truthfully, we’re not even sure Garoppolo is a great fit in Josh McDaniels’ scheme, given that the sample size of Garoppolo as a starting quarterback playing meaningful football amounts to six quarters and 63 pass attempts. As I wrote about at the time, Garoppolo looked great while attacking rookie Cardinals cornerback Brandon Williams, who has barely seen the field on defense over the past year. A week later, he beat up a Dolphins pass defense that would end the year ranked 16th in DVOA, targeting linebacker Jelani Jenkins, who already has been on three different rosters this season.

Meanwhile, Georgia safety Dominick Sanders has just intercepted Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks and returns it 13 yards to give us our first shot of sideline swag! I’m not sure how long it took him to get those sweet, golden shoulder pads with the black spikes on them, but as soon as I looked up, he was strutting around the sideline like an absolute boss.

NFL took position Ezekiel Elliott CAN play Sunday.

Among all players who have yet to score a touchdown this season, Pierre Garcon (1.0 OTD) ranks first in receptions (40) and Marquise Goodwin (3.1 OTD) ranks first in OTD. Despite all those catches, Garcon has yet to be targeted within 7 yards of the goal line this season. Goodwin has seen six end zone targets and four additional looks within 10 yards of the goal line.

The NBA’s reformed schedule, which starts a week earlier, totally eliminates the dreaded “four games in five nights” stretches. It ensures that marquee nationally-televised games don’t fall on back-to-backs. Last season, multiple high-profile showdowns were sabotaged by the strategic resting of star players. The new schedule framework should significantly reduce those major letdowns.

But Elliott will still play in Week 1 while the NFLPA awaits a ruling on its attempt to block a suspension. That won’t come until Friday:

Just got out of court and got phone back. Judge rules by 5 pm Friday on restraining order

Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Houston. The kid is amazing. In camp the Texans knew he’d likely take the QB reins at some point this year, but his performance in the past two games—47 of 67, six touchdown passes, with the Texans producing 90 points—is stunning.

Le’Veon Bell, running back, Pittsburgh. “I did?” That’s what Bell said when I told him had 35 carries (for 144 yards) in a 2016 Bell-like performance as the Steelers handled the Ravens 26-9. He’s on pace for 348 carries this year, and if you want to hear if he thinks he can handle that, listen to “The MMQB Podcast With Peter King” this week. I recorded Bell in the Steelers locker room Sunday afternoon.

Breezed past New Jersey in the first round and seemed in control against the New York Islanders after a 6-3 victory in Game 5.

“Sad to see the Joe go,” Kevin Larkin says, as a woman snaps a selfie with an octopus atop her head nearby. “A lot of great memories. But I knew where we were going. I like shiny and new.”

In that case, he came to the right spot. The concourse is filled with interior brick, natural light and garage-door entrances to restaurants, lending the ambiance of an outdoor plaza. A massive LED grid turns the rafters into an arena-sized Lite-Brite. The center-ice video screen briefly held the title of largest in the league at 5,100 square feet, at least until New Jersey’s Prudential Center and its behemoth board smashed that at more than 9,500. “The Joe, there was a lot of history,” defenseman Danny DeKeyser says. “But this is first-class everything.”

Breezed past New Jersey in the first round and seemed in control against the New York Islanders after a 6-3 victory in Game 5. The Islanders won at home to force a Game 7. Pittsburgh trailed by two late in the third but rallied to tie it on Tocchet’s goal with 1 minute left in regulation but David Volek buried a 2-on-1 5:16 into overtime to pull off one of the biggest upsets in playoff history.

Lemieux never made it back to a Stanley Cup final as a player. Then again, things could be worse. Crosby’s guided the franchise to three finals during Lemieux’s ownership.

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms goalie put the murderous clown Pennywise from “IT” on his mask, which also featured artist David Gunnarsson on a “missing” poster on the opposite side. This is awesome. The kind of mask that makes one gloat. If you have it, you’ll gloat too … you’ll gloat too … YOU’LL GLOAT TOO, YOU’LL GLOAT TOO, YOU’LL GLOAT TOOOOOOO!!!